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Why do so many large medical practices, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Third Party Medical Billing Companies and Hospitals choose Drachman Katz as their collection lawyers?

We’re the only end-to-end dedicated Medical Revenue Law Firm in New York and New Jersey. Year-over-year, our arbitration and healthcare law specialists earn top marks for results based on broad knowledge, experience and innovation.

If you are a medical provider or billing company accepting and processing No-Fault/PIP Insurance, then unpaid claims resulting from denials by insurance carriers are a part of your everyday revenue cycle process. It is imperative you partner with an aggressive and experienced law firm to represent your interests.

At Drachman Katz we like to say “Insurance Carriers are tough, but we as a team are tougher.” Our team of legal experts and dedicated support staff work relentlessly to ensure positive outcomes for our clients. We view claims denied by Insurance Companies as your Accounts Receivables held hostage, and we work quickly and diligently to return it to you.

The collection recourse available to medical providers with denied claims fall into two basic categories, each with their own distinct advantages and each requiring a strong legal team behind you.


Arbitration: Less fighting. More winning.

When possible, no-fault arbitration is a faster and friendlier path to revenue recovery without resorting to litigation.

Both New York and New Jersey state law afford medical providers and injured parties the ability to dispute the denial and non-payment of claims through mandatory arbitration. Arbitration allows parties to circumvent the costly and drawn out litigation process and keep their cases and resources from getting tied up in drawn out litigation. Additionally, liberal discovery requirements and expedited hearings ensure that insurance carriers do not leverage the legal process to further delay the payment of bills. Over the past decade our firm has seen excellent results for our clients in arbitration. The arbitration forum has enabled our firm to build collaborative relationships with many plaintiff attorney firms enabling our client’s cases to settle at a high and quick rate. The overall timeline of arbitration is often a mere fraction of litigation with close to 40% of cases settling within the first 90 days.

When arbitration is not an option, our litigation department has a stellar record in litigating both common and unique cases that arise in connection with the practice of medicine.

Often due to litigation initiated by insurance companies, the arbitration forum is an ineffective path toward successful collections. Additionally, certain cases are more effectively resolved in litigation despite the heightened costs and needed resources. Our intake specialists will review all files and claims determining the optimal path to success.

Whatever the forum, our legal team has the experience, know how and resolve to see your claims through to a positive resolution.

How can Drachman Katz maximize your practice’s revenue?